Tips for Employers

We know your time at the fair is important. Our goal is to help you reach the greatest number of students during each visit. To generate interest in your organization and have meaningful conversations with our attendees, we invite you to consider these ideas as you make plans to attend the MCC Career Fair:

Complete your registration form fully, carefully (i.e., avoid misspellings and typos) and according to directions; as what is ultimately shared with students comes directly from the online registration form.

Make a good first impression by making sure whoever is staffing the booth is fully informed and prepared to talk with students about (1) your organization, (2) the position(s) you’re recruiting for, and (3) your hiring procedures/policies.

Consider bringing interesting give-a-ways or creating an exciting display in order to generate interest among candidates.

If you are unable to accept resumes at the Fair, you’ll want to be able to explain (1) why, (2) what the alternate application procedures are, and (3) why it’s still beneficial that students talked with you at the Fair.  Many students seem to question the value of attending these events if they’re repeatedly told to “just apply on our website” and supplying this information is a great way to build and maintain relationships with candidates.

Stand rather than sit at your exhibit.  Don’t wait for students to approach you; consider asking open-ended, yet specific questions (i.e., “Are you interested in an IT career with the country’s leading software manufacturer?”).

Bring business cards and wear a nametag.
Set up your booth on-time (as it’s often the most motivated students who arrive earliest in the day).

Respond to all inquiries personally ASAP after the fair to reinforce your good image and to "strike the iron when it is hot."


Contact Mary Priebe, Event Coordinator, at 410-532-5380 or email at